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Immigration law is a dynamic and ever-changing field of law. At Yourlegals we believe that a legal services platform needs to be equally dynamic to be able to adapt to the wishes of the client. Yourlegals provides online legal services which cater to the specific needs and demands of individuals, professionals and businesses from all over the world. In collaboration with our team of Dutch legal experts Yourlegals is equipped to offer its users access the most up to date information on immigration law.

The documents and application forms available on the platform are templates reasonably fit for use by you as a starting point for the preparation of a Dutch immigration application. They are only intended to be used as templates, to be adapted by you to meet your individual requirements.

As YourLegals is not a law firm. Our partner lawyers are neither employees nor agents of YourLegals and have agreed to provide online answers, limited consultations or other basic legal services to YourLegals users.

You can instruct our affiliated lawyer specialized in Dutch immigration law to provide you with desired legal work under separate terms and conditions.

Even though YourLegals has full confidence in its partners, you should carefully consider the lawyer’s knowledge and experience and ask for a written services agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the engagement, including all fees, expenses and other obligations, before retaining an affiliated attorney.

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Please note that any communications between you and YourLegals may not be protected as confidential information under legal professional privilege. All communication between you and our partner attorneys, however, will be protected as confidential information.

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Book your online video consult with one of our legal experts by using our online agenda!

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Ask our Dutch immigration lawyers for legal counsel by reaching out to them via our website. Our team of Dutch immigration lawyers is ready to help you with any immigration challenge you might face. An attorney will study your case swiftly and thoroughly to ensure the most adequate solution to your immigration problems.

“The lawyers affiliated with YourLegals work independently and for their own account and risk. The assignment will be carried out personally, on the understanding that parts of the work can be carried out under the responsibility and supervision of the lawyer by one of the other lawyers affiliated with YourLegals.”

Part of the amount that the affiliated lawyers charge for the services offered on YouLegals will be paid in part to YourLegals for facilitating the services according to the following distribution:

  • Price of the Legal Video Consult is € 95.00 ex. VAT, of which € 35.00 ex. VAT will be paid to Yourlegals.
  • Price of the Legal Review is € 150.00 ex. VAT, of which € 50.00 ex. VAT will be paid to Yourlegals.
  • The Legal Counsel price is a fixed fee or an hourly rate, 10% of which will be paid to Yourlegals.

The affiliated lawyers of YourLegals charge the following fixed fees for the various application procedures:

  • Application work permit under the Asian cook scheme (GVVA Aziatische kok): €800, ex VAT
  • Application for residency on family grounds (partner, spouse, (minor) child): €800, ex VAT
  • Application as highly skilled migrant: €800, ex VAT.
  • Application for recognized sponsorship: €1000, ex VAT.
  • Application under the DAFT/Dutch Japanese Trade Treaty: €1000, ex VAT.
  • Application for residence as self-employed entrepreneur (not Americans or Japanese): €2500, ex VAT.