For whom is this form intended? 

You can only use this form if you are an American or Japanese staying in the Netherlands. You want a residence permit with the purpose of residence: ‘to work on a self-employed basis’ or you want to change your residence permit. You can use this form to submit an application for a residence permit with the purpose of residence: to work on a self-employed based upon the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (453) or the Dutch Japanese Trade Agreement (510). You have USA or Japanese nationality.

How do you fill out this form?

This form comprises different appendices; which appendices you need to fill out depends on your own situation. Only submit your application once you have completed filling out this form, signed and you have gathered together all the requested documents and evidence.

If your application is incomplete, the IND will be unable to assess your application properly.

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You can fill in your application by completing the form below. When you’re done answering the questions your document is ready and you can download the document. Do you want us to check it? Ask for a legal check.

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