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YourLegals aims to enable the client to handle his or her own immigration procedure as much as he or she desires. However, YourLegals acknowledges that very often the complexity of immigration matters requires that an attorney’s involvement goes further than the legal quick scan or video consult allows.

Whether you are facing a complex application procedure, you are dealing with an appeal against the denial of an application or you are in need of a more intricate immigration advise the YourLegals affiliate attorneys can help. With their almost 20 years’ experience in field of immigration law our specialists are more than equipped to handle any immigration issue.

Examples of immigration challenges our specialist attorneys can tackle for you are:

  • Application for residence permits for personal purposes
  • Applications for short stays visas
  • Structuring durable solutions for foreign employees
  • All appeal procedures

When the attorney agrees to handle your case and you agree to his/her terms, you will enter a direct agreement with the firm of the attorney and the involvement of YourLegals will cease.

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