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A Legal Review means we worry about the details, we double-check  your application, so you don’t have to. How this works is that you start off by buying an immigration application document from us here and filling it out. Then, you download the legal document and upload it  to this page.

We will make sure your application is in order. Our partners are certified immigration lawyers who have more than 20 years of experience, so you can be sure that your immigration application gets a thorough screening.

If the attorney agrees to review your application and you agree to his/her terms, you will enter a direct agreement with the firm of the attorney and the involvement of YourLegals will cease.

The procedure:


Request a Legal Review | €150,-

You're not sure about your application and want to have it checked by us before sending it

We'll check your application

When you bought a a Legal Review and you've sent us the document one of our partners will check if your document is in order.

Receive your new document

After our check, you will receive the new document which you can send to the specific organisation.

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Legal Review

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